Hamams in Istanbul

Being among the top tourist destinations in the world Istanbul offers a great variety of attractive activities to its visitors. They all are worth experiencing and for sure they will go far beyond you expectations. One of the most interesting among them is a visit to a Turkish bath. Istanbul boasts of its unique Turkish baths, originally known as hamams, and they can be found in each of the main neighborhoods in the metropolitan city.

The tradition of the Turkish bath in Istanbul dates back to the medieval development of the city and is usually connected with the reign of the past Ottoman Empire. The first Turkish baths in Istanbul were built in favor of the local people because they didn't have private baths in their houses. The main idea of the Turkish bath was to provide a convenient atmosphere for the natives mainly related to their hygiene and health. Going to a Turkish bath was like a ritual. All Turkish baths were divided into several rooms where visitors could enjoy various traditional procedures. Over the years the Turkish bath concept spread all over Byzantine, the former name of Istanbul, and they became a popular place to visit. The rulers of the Ottoman Empire and their heirs did their best to improve the conditions in each hamam built in the area. They constructed some of the most notable Turkish baths in contemporary Istanbul using the experience and the knowledge of famous architects.

Nowadays the Turkish baths in Istanbul are still a preferred place to visit either by tourists or by locals because they have gone far beyond their original concept. Some of the traditional Turkish baths built during the Middle Ages can still be seen in Istanbul. What's more they are still available for public visits. Some of the best known traditional Turkish baths in Istanbul are Cagaoglu Hamam, Cemberlitas Hamam, Hurrem Sultan Hamam. There are also several modern Turkish baths that can be found on the surface of Istanbul. They still provide the traditional procedures of the original Turkish baths combined with a wide range of massages. If you want to visit a modern Turkish bath, you can visit the ones located in the Ciragan Palace hotel.

Turkish Bath Experience in Istanbul

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